How many minutes must it be in the body? That can cause heatstroke.

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Normally our body There is a brain system that controls our body’s temperature to not be too high. which the body normally holds at 37.5 degrees even though the outside temperature Whether it’s very cold or very hot. Our brain will immediately command our body. Let the temperature be adjusted to suit the environment. to suit ourselves If the body can’t adjust in time There will be neurological symptoms. Heatstroke can occur no matter how long it lasts.

Diagnostic criteria

  1. Temperature is the main It doesn’t depend on the time period.
  2. abnormal nervous system such as dizziness and some people have severe symptoms Spasms and muscle spasms occur because the muscles are out of balance. And if you haven’t received treatment yet? timely It is not only the brain that causes the appearance of chorea. But what will happen next is Cells in the body that normally use temperature to maintain cell levels will also be lost For example, Respiratory failure His breathing became more rapid and he eventually failed. Some people may need to stay in the ICU and be put on a ventilator. If you are a patient with kidney disease, it may cause kidney failure. Heat stroke patients are severely dehydrated. Must be very careful. make the death rate And if not treated Because it affects every organ.

How can we prevent heatstroke?

  1. When we know the risk factors for heatstroke It is caused by being exposed to very hot weather for too long. Must avoid that area.
  2. People at risk are children and the elderly. Those receiving certain types of medicine must be especially careful.
  3. Try to stay in a place where evaporation or heat can be reduced, such as wearing loose clothing. Not too crowded
  4. Near a water source That is, being able to pick up water and drink it. It will help reduce the chance of heatstroke. Or, one day you should drink enough water, at least 1 liter per day, that is, 8 glasses per day. Avoid direct sunlight, wear a hat and clothing that heats well.

If we find a patient with heat stroke How should first aid be given?

     Simple principles for treating heat stroke That is, whatever you can do to bring your body temperature down as quickly as possible. In some cases, patients may not be able to help themselves as well as they should. Because there may be dizziness or some people will have symptoms of muscle fear and staggering. When seen, first aid should be given as follows.

  1. Take the patient into the shade first.
  2. Provide quick ventilation. such as unbuttoning a shirt If the clothing is thick, remove it to release body temperature.
  3. If the patient is still conscious, drink cold water. In the case of unconsciousness, avoid feeding water as this will cause the patient to choke. In addition, apply a cool cloth to the various crevices of the patient’s body. to allow the heat to evaporate along the fabric After that, take the patient to the hospital as quickly as possible.