Kroos insists the Premier League is only good

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Kroos insists the Premier League is only good for a big budget but doesn’t guarantee success.

Toni Kroos, an advanced midfielder under Real Madrid, mock the players who move to football in the war. English premier league football. That they only had the purpose of wanting huge wages. But such compensation is not a guarantee of success on the European stage.

Casemiro one of Kroos former team-mates at Real Madrid. Who recently retired to the Santiago Bernabeu. To Manchester United on the last corner of football player market Last summer. The Brazilian national team midfielder is expect to earn up to £375,000-a-week with the Red Devils.

“Live broadcasting income in England has been much higher for many years. But English teams haven’t won every single trophy,” Kroos said. “Thank God not every player considers the future based on wages but with the same factors of chance of victory and growth opportunity,”

Kroos said in the interview, adding that the European Super League project will It happened in the end, even though the tournament was folded in 2021.

Obviously the idea still exists. It should have happened a long time ago. I think it might take a bigger break than everything will fall into place. I might not have seen it during my playing career. But personally, I think it will happen for sure, but I can’t say when.”