Juventus beat Monza in dramatic fashion 2-1

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Juventus surged to the top of football Serie A in dramatic fashion after Monza equalized in injury time. But still scored a 2-1 injury-time winner on Friday.

The “White Horses”, trailing Inter Milan by 2 points sent Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic to find the back of the net together. As for the local Monza team, they sent Patrick Churea to stand as the target striker.

Juventus were awarded a penalty in the 10th minute. When Giorgios Kyriakopoulos grabbed the arm of Andrea Cambiaso, causing Dusan Vlahovic to fall in the penalty area. Responsible for shooting But the shot was saved by Michele Di Gregorio. The second time he was able to follow it. Di Gregorio was able to deflect the ball and leave the ball behind again. ทางเข้า UFABET 

But at the time of the corner kick, Juventus finally took the lead when Hans Nicolassi Cavilla threw the ball high for Adrien Rabiot to come in and score. Send the ball beautifully under the crossbar. Di Gregorio has no rights at this moment.

In the 33rd minute, the Zebras almost got it again from a corner where Alex Sandro headed over the first post. The ball came to Federico Gatti who had a close shot. But unfortunately he pried the ball over the crossbar. Then the first half ended at this score. 

In the second half, 63 minutes.

The Zebras had a chance to win from the moment Federico Chiesa opened the ball for Weston McKennie to head in the penalty area. But it was a save from Michele Di Gregorio. 

Monza had a chance to answer in the 75th minute. Pedro Pereira bounced the ball from the right in front of the penalty area for Matteo Pessina to hit with his left. But the ball didn’t enter the box. 

In the first minute of injury time, Monza equalized 1-1 after Valentin Carboni launched the ball towards the goal. Dani Mota jumped and flicked his shot along the water. But it didn’t hit Wojciech Chase. This is why I lost my rhythm. and the ball fell to the ground and bounced into the goal.

The game ended with drama upon drama when Juventus scored a 2-1 victory in the 4th minute of injury time. Adrien Rabiot went all the way to the right backline before cutting in front of goal for Fede. Rico Gatti’s first shot was incomplete. But got another round of blows.

At the end of the game, Juventus defeated Monza in a very dramatic way 2-1, increasing their tally to 33 points and overtaking Inter Milan as the temporary leader.