Erdegard disappointed Arsenal failed to take chances in defeat

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Erdegard disappointed Arsenal failed to take chances in defeat to Manchester United.

Arsenal captain Martin Erdegard said. After the 3-1 defeat at Manchester United. He admitted it was a disappointment for the entire team for not being able return with a point in the game.

Arsenal conceded three goals in this game. While they got a single goal from Bukayo Saka and they lost their first game of the season already.

“Everyone in the team is very disappointed. We want to play to win. We want to come here for the desired results. I feel like everyone should get something out of this game. It was a game that was waiting for us to get something back, everyone was disappointed, the atmosphere was a bit upset, that’s what happened.”

“The timing of conceding the first goal and the second goal we have our moment But we let it go easy on both occasions, it was frustrating, it was angry, as I said. 

“We all looking forward the next game. We are still leading the league. we must look forward win next game We had a great time in this game. Just as we have to accept and learn from the bad times in this game too. Learn and look forward to the next game.”

“The fans have been great this season. I’ve said this many times. Once again we thank you for such a great support at Old Trafford. We have had a great support. We thank you and hope that in the next game we will reward you with three points.”

Arsenal’s next game Will play in the Europa League group stage first game against FC Zurich. Which will play in Switzerland.