Director. Ajax upset after Man United snatch

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Director. Ajax upset after Man United snatched the last curve of the summer market.

Ajax sporting director Gerry Hamstra said in an interview that he was outraged at the Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League football. Snatched their key players during the final arc. Football player market Last summer.

Antoni became a key deal for the Red Devils, an announcement confirmed on deadline day after Erik ten Hag’s side previously sealed a deal for centre-back Lisandro Martinez. Argentina national team came early in the player market. Most recently, the Brazilian national team’s attacking midfielder broke the opening goal in the Red Devils’ 3-1 win over Arsenal last weekend.

“The timing of Manchester United’s advance was very bad,” Hamstra told Dutch newspaper De Telegraph, “the days before the market close were even more turbulent after Ajax had gone through a period. It ‘s time to build a new team when the team has lost some of the top players before.

We all think lost too many first-team players. We use expect different summer markets. To perform in the UEFA Champions League. And lead the team to pave the way to success.

“We fully understand the frustration of Schrouder. I’ve been a manager too so I can understand the frustration of losing the team’s best players at the last minute. We never wanted to sell him. We want to keep Antoni with the team.”