Arsenal Detailed Defeat

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Arsenal Detailed Defeat.

The big game of the week is over. And the victory of the Red Devils, Manchester United over Arsenal and makes. The situation 6 games in the Premier League very intense this season.

Arsenal on their first defeat of the season. The game end with a wound of disappointment. and learned a lesson that he didn’t want to receive. But when there still weaknesses to solve. We must continue to learn. Nothing teaches people better than disappointment. Because you won’t easily forget it. And many times you’ll remember it until it’s fixed.

The system of play is the same. When on the field at the start of the game, Arsenal were very stimulating. They are confident of winning five games in a row. Dominate the game And look for the first goal in this game.” Arsenal did all that. And could only do so with VAR forfeiting their goal. And to make Manchester United still in this game. 

This rhythm becomes an issue that cannot conclude. That It should be a foul or no foul. Up to the judge’s discretion only. And in this game, if you look at each other in the rhythm of the game. The referee then lets the game continue until the goal is reached. Finally, when using VAR, the decision has changed again. It eventually became a foul. Because if it’s against the rules, it can give a foul as well. However, the standards of directors And the decision of VAR will still be a lot to talk about. Because football is a game of clashing all the time.

The perfect midfield pair and the unmatched pair.

With the same 4-2-3-1 playing system on both teams. Today there is a lot to talk about between the central duo Scott McTominay playing alongside Christian Eriksen. Meet Zambia, Logonka and Granit Xhaka. 

Ten Hag opted to drop Casemiro and Fred. Both of Brazil’s national team midfielders, on the sidelines. and uses McTominay like a porter. Worker bee who knows his duty clearly. Chasing, eclipsing, cutting the game Get the ball and look for friends And of course. Look for Eriksen to bring the ball forward to spread the ball further. 

And today he works as ordered. May not be able to play, create any invasion game. But the work in the defensive game is clear. Hit the ball fiercely, even curbing opponents without a shape. Call the dirty worker for the team’s win and his first yellow card after 70 minutes of the game, it was even easier to play. In addition Fred and Casemiro sent help in the late game.