Right stomach pain in various positions What diseases are at risk?

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Right stomach pain in various positions What diseases are at risk?

Everyone knows!! that abdominal pain, when it occurs, often creates a lot of difficulties for our body whether it is abdominal pain on the left side or right abdominal pain If such pain occurs frequently That may be another warning sign of impending health problems. Always remember that in every stomach ache there must be a root cause. last time We have learned about the serious diseases that may occur when feeling pain in the left side of the abdomen. Now let’s understand some of the bad signs that occur when having stomach pain on the right side. If the symptoms of ” right stomach pain ”  occur frequently in various ways. Does that mean the body is sending signals about some serious disease?

Abdominal pain, whether on the left side of the abdomen or right abdominal pain.

It is consider something that many people Different people have faced each other before. Most of the time, the pain comes from causes that are usually harmless. But there is pain in a different way. So you have to notice carefully that it’s coming from the left side. Or exactly the right side? Especially in women, you have to be especially careful. And then there is a sharp pain in the right side of the abdomen. Pain that continues for a long time, throbbing or dull pain Predicting disease is still difficult. This is because the right side of the abdomen has organs that are different from the left.

Let’s take a look and see at ufabet https://ufabet999.app What causes the symptoms of ” right stomach pain ” to occur. So how dangerous is it?

Right stomach pain What is the cause? What diseases are at risk?

  1. Abdominal pain in the upper right side (Right rib area)
    When you have pain in the upper right side of your stomach. It is also often a pain that occurs after eating foods that are high in fat. That may mean that You are at risk of having gallstones, including liver disease. An important observation point that will help confirm that you may have such a disease is when you put your hand down on the area that has pain. You may find a hard lump. As for other symptoms that follow, there is jaundice and yellow eyes. In addition,

    in some cases there is pain in the right side of the abdomen that spreads to the back. In some cases, there may be pain in the upper or middle abdomen. That means Your body is experiencing something wrong with your pancreas. This puts you at risk for pancreatitis. which is the result of drinking too much alcoholic beverages
  2. Lower right abdominal pain
    When there is pain in the lower right side Starting from the area around the navel to the right lower abdomen. When you use your hand to feel the area with pain and find a lump. Press and feel pain In addition, there is constant pain. It is initially assumed that it is Appendicitis But if there is pain It’s like there’s gas in the stomach. There’s also a feeling of bloating in the stomach. This may be caused by abnormal functioning of the intestines.
  3. Right abdominal pain under ribs
    When there is pain in the right side of the abdomen, a burning pain under the ribs In some cases, heartburn and abdominal pain may occur as well. This means that it may be a malfunction of the small intestine. It is caused by an allergy to the protein gluten. As a result, the intestines are unable to absorb food as well as normal. Causes abdominal pain if left untreated for a long period of time. These symptoms will accumulate and cause chronic diarrhea, bloating, and can also develop into inflammatory bowel disease. 
  4. Right lower abdominal pain
    This pain in the lower right side of the abdomen will occur periodically. There is pain in the right lower abdomen that extends until it reaches the thigh. This indicates that there may be health problems occurring in the kidney cone area. But if there is pain in the right lower abdomen along with high fever feel the chills There is also vaginal discharge. Symptoms like this are a sign of salpingitis. If we feel the area of ​​pain, we will also find a lump. Which is caused by abnormal ovaries
  5. Middle right abdominal pain (Right lumbar)
    If there is pain in the middle right side of the abdomen along with blood in the excretion or have an abnormal excretory system That could be a warning sign that you are about to develop ulcerative colitis. If a lump is detected as well It may indicate that you are about to have a colon tumor. But if you have abdominal pain on the right side Starting from the buttocks all the way to the thighs. There may be a risk of developing kidney stones. Or if you have pain on your right side along with fever, chills, and cloudy urine It may also be a sign that you are about to have glomerulonephritis.
  6. Right abdominal pain during pregnancy
    I have to tell mothers who are currently pregnant that Pain in the right side of my stomach that occurs just as we are about to have a little one is nothing to worry about. Because if you have abdominal pain, whether on the right side or the left side, if the pain is a light type of pain. That is because the embryo has begun to implant itself into the uterus. Moreover, such pain only occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, after the embryo has implanted in the uterus. The next symptom that mothers will have to face is uterine pain. Because the uterus will begin to grow larger and larger. The mother will especially feel pain in the lower abdomen.