How to eat, add enzymes, help beautiful skin, have a good shape

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How to eat, add enzymes, help beautiful skin, have a good shape, then how to eat to get old quickly

During the 20th century, the benefits of “enzymes” were discovered, which play an important role in life. Because it is related to various mechanisms and processes in the body, enzymes come from 2 sources: the body can create it by itself. and enzymes obtained from food

Food enzymes are heat resistant. If the temperature exceeds 48 degrees Celsius or more The value of the enzyme will be destroyed. Research by the Rowett Research Institute in Scotland suggests that The introduction of fresh food that is not cooked such as raw vegetables, fresh fruits, raw fish, fermented foods as the main ingredient in food that is eaten every day will have a positive effect on health

Food enzymes have 5 important benefits: Helps to lose weight successfully Helps to have beautiful skin, detoxifies, increases immunity and slows down aging. The body can produce enzymes to a certain extent. Newborn babies have the highest levels of enzymes in their bodies. Then the enzyme gradually decreases with age, that’s why. Why when you get older Eating the same amount of food as I used to eat when I was young makes me feel uncomfortable, full of stomach and easily gain weight.

The whole body also felt tired easily. Decreased enzymes result in lower metabolic efficiency. Enzyme supplementation from every meal thus promotes health and beauty. which is a shortcut to anti-aging

In addition, eating meat, fried food, and processed foods that are highly processed and loaded with food additives. All cause the body to consume enzymes for digestion. And if you continue to eat like this in the long term, it will be a burden on the digestive system. There are also no enzymes left for use in metabolism.

When the metabolism slows down, it causes the body to deteriorate and age faster. Especially foods that are high in sugar, you need to be extra careful. Because in the separation of sucrose molecules in food The enzyme sucrase (sucrase – an enzyme secreted by the intestinal endothelial cells) must be used. acts to break down sugar molecules in food into glucose and fructose) in large quantities

when the amount of glucose in the bloodstream is too high The pancreas secretes insulin to deal with excess sugar. If insulin production is out of balance, it causes diabetes. When the body releases a lot of insulin to reduce blood sugar levels quickly. It will cause a feeling of appetite and eat more. finally get fat Therefore, be careful about consuming sugar well. ufabet

Eat: Enzyme-Rich Foods Helps to lose weight successfully Helps to make beautiful skin, detoxify, increase immunity and
slow down aging.

Fresh, unheated foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fermented foods such as rotten beans, miso, pickles, pickled rice, various pickles

Don’t: Foods That Make You Age Fast

processed food

meat dishes

white sugar

Fried foods, foods that use oil that has been rancid in cooking