3 techniques for eating snacks, how not to get fat

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3 techniques for eating snacks, how not to get fat

When trying to lose weight, we often have to limit our snacks or favorite foods. Sometimes it makes me feel so uncomfortable that I want to stop dieting completely. or bullying angry at people around because blood sugar drops rapidly Let’s try a more flexible approach to weight loss. That is, there is no need to starve, just use 3 techniques for eating snacks developed by Mori Takuro, a Japanese fitness trainer. recommended to apply It’s not that it’s enough to get the perfect figure in your dreams. But turns out to be emotionally up and down easily without realizing it.

Rule 1: Don’t eat alone.

when eating alone We often succumb to cravings. “Just one today” “Just one piece” We can always find excuses for ourselves,
especially eating out of regret. If you leave it like this often You will become undisciplined in yourself.

Try sharing your favorite snacks with friends or family. This is equivalent to dividing calories that normally have to be taken in full by one person.

Rule 2: Not eating because of habit

Eating out of habit is a habit that is extremely detrimental to weight loss. Either one pack or one box I could go on and on until it was all gone. I bought a large package of food. intended to share several times But in the end, he ate all at once. are you like this

A bag of snacks, the first bite may feel delicious. But the reason that I continued to eat until the end was all because “Eat because of the habit” in fact. We feel satisfied and full from the very first bite. but still continue to eat because of regret or for whatever reason If we could restrain ourselves, it wouldn’t be a problem. But the truth is not so.

It’s a good way, so it’s better not to buy food to stock up in the first place. Because buying a lot of food at a time and determine the amount that you intend to eat each time In the end, it often fails. ยูฟ่าเบท

Rule 3: Do not visit convenience stores

Stop going to the convenience store despite where nothing needs to be bought!

All bad things start from here. You eat because you’ve bought groceries. and where you bought that food because you visit
go to a convenience store So break the habit of visiting a 24-hour convenience store when you don’t know what to buy. But just got used to having to stop by. So from now on, buy only what you want to eat right away and not stock up.